Top 3 Tools for Running a Virtual Assistant Business

Top 3 Tools for Running a Virtual Assistant Business | Business Tips | Becoming a Virtual Assistant | Madison Fichtl |

Today I wanted to chat about the Top 3 Tools for Running a Virtual Assistant Business. These are the three tools that I love to use in my own business and I am not sure I could live without! They certainly make my life much easier!

I also love that all of these tools help make my brand appear professional to my clients- a huge plus! Now, these are not the only tools that I use to run my business but they are the ones I would recommend looking into if you plan on starting your own Virtual Assistant business. (By the way, if you are looking into starting a Virtual Assistant business, then you gotta check this out!)

Now, what are those three tools?


The first tool that I just love is Dubsado, a client management system. I use Dubsado for a number of different things within my business including:

  • Capturing and Managing Leads
  • Sending Invoices
  • Tracking Income and Expenses
  • Creating Client Workflows
  • Signing Client Contracts

… and the list goes on. One of my favorite things about Dubsado is that I can automate SO MUCH! I have workflows in place for all different areas of my business which means that I can automatically send contracts, invoices, reminder emails etc. Without ever having to do anything! Pretty awesome right? This means that I  am able to work on those tedious (but important) tasks way less because Dubsado is essentially doing all of the heavy lifting for me. #win


Trello was a game changer for my business. I use it to track my entire schedule, business strategy, clients, and even my personal life. Trello is essentially a web-based list system. I love using it because I am able to quickly rearrange my entire schedule (without any erasing or crossing out- which I would have to do with a paper calendar).

I also am able to strategize and plan out my business goals and keep everything in the same place and access it anywhere that I have an internet connection. If you are looking into using Trello, I absolutely loved the course: Trello for Business and I highly recommend that you check it out (I am not an affiliate for the course, I just LOVED it!)


LastPass is a super easy to use program that I can store all of my login data in. Clients also use the program to share their login data with me. LastPass allows me to have multiple login details securely stored and available at the click of a button. It also makes my clients feel secure because they are able to give me their login details while having the ability to not show me the password. This means that LastPass will automatically input the password for me using those fancy **** symbols – and I can access the programs without ever viewing the password. Pretty cool, right? Also, I use the totally free version on LastPass and we all know how much I like free programs!

There you have it. The three programs that I love using for my Virtual Assistant business. If you are looking for even more details on how to start your own Virtual Assistant Business, then you need to check out my course: From Start to Sold Out – Launching your own Virtual Assistant Business.

What programs could you not live without? Leave a comment down below.

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Top 3 Tools for Running a Virtual Assistant Business | Business Tips | Becoming a Virtual Assistant | Madison Fichtl |

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