10 Must Have Items in my Home

As someone who has moved quite a few times in my life, I know how important it can be to make your new place feel like home ASAP. Home means something different to everyone, but for me, it really helped when I finally had these 10 things in place. Maybe it had to do with nostalgia or just habits and what I am used to. However, with every new move, I try to get these 10 items first!

10 Must Have Items in my Home

10 Must Have Items in my Home

1. Pictures –

This is a big one for me. Since most of the time I am living away from family/friends, it really helps to get pictures put up ASAP. More than anything else, I think this adds a personal touch to any place and helps make it a home.

Here are some fun ways that we have used pictures in our new place:

10 Must Have Items in my Home

Find similar frames, like we used, here!

2. A specific place to work –

This might not be for everyone, especially if you don’t work from home. For me though, I need a set place where I can feel good about being productive and getting work done. The quicker I find this place and get everything settled in, the better!

3. An area just for me –

Maybe this is a bit selfish, but if you are living with anyone, it is really important to have a space all to yourself. Maybe it is your bedroom if you have roommates, maybe it is your own closet or bathroom if your living with your significant other, or maybe it is even just a corner of your living room where you can go to relax. For me, it is the bathtub in our spare room. Manuel knows that it is mine and when I am relaxing in the bath, that is my time. Trust me, this is a big one! So be selfish and set up a specific spot you can go.

Here are my must haves for my “me-time” in the bath:

4. Plants –

I will be the first person to admit that I, in no way, have a green thumb. I kill even the easiest plants to keep alive (no matter how hard I try!) Still, it is really important to me to have plants throughout my house. I will also gladly admit that some of these plants are fake (these ones don’t seem to die as easy 🙂 ) and a few are still real. Plants just seem to make a place feel cosy, welcoming and warm- a complete win for a new area!

These adorable pots are the perfect place for any plant:

5. Real dishes –

No paper plates here. There is just something about having a meal off of an actual plate/bowl/etc. using real silverware to make you feel settled. The kitchen is always the first area of a new place that I focus on. If you are a firm paper plate believer, give using real plates a try. I promise it will give you all the feels.

I am in love with stoneware dishes:

6. Scented Candles –

Human’s sense of smell can truly amaze me sometimes. When I am in a new place, if I smell something that reminds me of home, it will instantly brighten my mood. One way that I love to bring smells with me to new places is by using scented candles. Pick out your favorite scent, then make sure to take that same scent with you to your new home.

These smell so good and they look gorgeous (plus they come in all different states/countries and make the PERFECT gift!):

7. Laundry basket

This one might sound silly, but if you have ever moved to a new place, this might be something you didn’t have yet. Not having a place to put your worn clothes can make anywhere feel messy and unwelcoming. It is something so simple, but I promise it will make a big difference (that maybe you won’t even notice if you have a basket already, but you will certainly notice if you don’t!)

I am loving the pattern of these baskets:

8. Tool set –

This doesn’t have to be the gigantic $300+ tool set with every tool imaginable, it can be simply a screwdriver and a hammer. Having even the basic tools will help with the decor, help you fix small issues that arise, and make you feel pretty good while swinging that hammer around!

This is a great starter set:

9. A way to make coffee/tea/preferred morning beverage-

If you are a morning person like me, or better yet if you aren’t a morning person, then you probably need something to get you going in the morning. For me, I have to have my coffee. Having a coffee machine from the very beginning can just start everything off on the right foot. The first morning that we were in our new place, I remember waking up and being so excited to just sit on the floor (we didn’t have our furniture yet), watch the sunrise out of our windows, and enjoy my cup of coffee. Without it, I know I never would have taken the time to just sit and take in the morning before tackling the huge pile of boxes that awaited me.

My go-to coffee maker:

10. A warm blanket –

Even if you don’t have any furniture yet, having a warm blanket is going to give you a sense of security and comfort. Wrapping up in a big blanket works for babies and it still works on adults – promise.

These are incredibly soft:

I hope that if you are moving to a new place, or you are trying to make your current place feel more like home, that these suggestions help you! If you have any must-haves for your home, I would love to hear them below!

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