How To Properly Set Up A Facebook Business Page

How to Setup a Facebook Business Page | Social Media Help |

Alrighty, you know the importance of creating a Facebook page for your business. I’m going to be honest, there are quite a few steps and fields that need to be filled out to create the page. I want to share the importance of properly setting one up. Quite a few people I have worked with and spoken to have asked why their business page is not as successful as their competition’s or a friend’s page. The reason being is this: their Facebook business page is properly set up. As tedious as it may be, try not to skip steps. It may save time in the moment, but it will only set you back in the long run, having to later fix it. Think of your Facebook page as a resume. You want to make sure to include all of the best parts of the business and details to help people understand why they should work with you versus other businesses.

1. Choosing The Category

You would not be surprised how many people select the wrong category. Do not put what you want to be as the business develops, rather select the option for the services and products currently being offered.

2. Local Business Or Place

If you are a local business or place, make sure to fill in the address and working hours. This makes it easier on the customers to locate you and it provides more security for shoppers in being able to see where they are ordering from.

3. Adding The Details

There are quite a few boxes to fill out in this step. It may seem like an endless amount of irrelevant questioning, but I promise there is a reason Facebook needs this. It is important to fill in the details of what the company is in this detailed way, so people can easily search you. Plus, this will increase your search ability.  

4. Links

Adding a website and social media links is a great way to invite your page visitors to the other business platforms without directly asking them to, or posting an ad directing them there.

5. Images

Profile pictures and headers are super important. They are a great tool to use because of the versatility. A header can be used with the intention of showcasing your brand, informing others of big news or sales, and a header can be used to showcase your services. Canva is a resource that is great for creating headers, logos to be used as a profile photo, and easy graphics.

6. Give Details

Do not be afraid to talk your business up in the about section. This is a space to inform others of services offered, the company’s mission statement and achievements. Another tip, is to think outside of the box (I know- a lot easier said than done). Take a look at companies you like. What does their “about” section say? Do not copy what they have, but draw inspiration from their page. Put your own spin on it and tell your story.

7. Utilize Page Roles

If there are others aiding in your business, do not be afraid to add those trusted people to your page. Having an editor who can monitor the comments on posts and publish photos and news, can save you a ton of time!

8. Create A Call To Action

People have seen your page, they know what you do and that is great! Now, to finalize the sale or new deal, you want them to be able to quickly locate your contact button. One thing that annoys me is when I can’t find this information. It doesn’t matter how much I like the product or business, if I can’t find the phone number or email right away, I will walk away and forget all about that potential partnership or purchase.

9. Proof Read

I can’t believe some of the typos I see on “professional” business pages. Typos are unsettling and brand the business as being amateur. Make sure to double and triple check that letters are in the correct places and there is proper punctuation.

10. Preview Before Inviting

Take a moment to look over the page. Make sure it is something you are proud of and happy to promote. If there is even one thing that is unsettling, change it! This is your space- make it great and reflect what you want, not what you think others will want to see. Check to make sure the header and profile photo are not cut off and are easy to read.

Congratulations- you just created a fantastic Facebook business page. Now it’s time to invite all of your friends and show it off! Another great way to drive traffic to the page, is by sharing the news on other social media platforms and in an email newsletter. 

Don’t want to go through all of these steps? Contact me here to have me do it for you!

How to Setup a Facebook Business Page | Social Media Help |

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