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Are you ever stuck trying to figure out just how to grow your email list? Have you heard that an email list is one of the most valuable “followings” a business can have?

If yes, then you know you need to find unique ways to attract people to sign up for your list. Having a small “Sign Up for My Newsletter” space at the very end of your blog isn’t going to get you results (but I am guessing you already knew that!)

Now, have you ever been scrolling endlessly through social media when you have happened upon a quiz? I know I have taken my fair share of “What Big Bang Character are You?” or “Where Should you Live in the World?” type of quizzes.

You have too, right?! Then you know how fun and tempting they can be. So why not use that same technic to draw people into your business and allow you to enter into their personal inbox space?

Not only is a quiz a uniquely different way to interact with people on your website and social media, but by having the quiz taker input their email address before they are allowed to receive their results can bring a huge boost to your list!

For example, two weeks ago, I put my first quiz on my website. Now it only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish to get the quiz completely set up and published on my site. Pretty fast, right?

In those two short weeks, without promoting the quiz at all, just letting it sit on my site for visitors to come across. I have grown my list by 10%! Now wouldn’t you love to spend 15 minutes of your time and then grow your list by 10% in just two weeks? I am positive that when I start sharing this quiz through my social media channels- that number is going to get much, much higher!

Now, you might be curious how I do it so fast. Well, Interact Quizzes makes it super easy to get your quiz set up, personalized, and on your site as quickly and efficiently as possible. Interact Quizzes offers a huge selection of templates that you can use for your quiz.

Interact Quizzes | How to Uniquely Grow Your Email List | Madison Fichtl | Madison-fichtl.com

This is super handy for people like me, who occasionally have issues with creativity! This library of templates is growing daily, so whether you are looking for a business type quiz or a vegan-food quiz: you are sure to find it!

One of the things that I have loved being able to see is the results of individuals quizzes. I have my quizzes set up so that people are directed to my services after completion of the quiz, and I have had leads generated from this.

Now, when someone finds me through my quiz and then proceeds to contact me about my services, I already have a little bit of information about their personality and working style. I can then use that information for when I first reach out to them and make sure that I am as personalized as possible. How cool is that?! 

Interact Quizzes | How to Uniquely Grow Your Email List | Madison Fichtl | Madison-fichtl.com

What Else Can You Do With Interact Quizzes?

First and foremost you can grow your email list by using a variety of options available when you sign up:

Assessments – Build assessments to test your audience’s knowledge and qualify leads
Personality Quizzes – Create engaging quizzes just like the ones you see on Social Media (and what I created as well)
Giveaways – Run giveaways to reach new customers and reward potential clients

The software is so easy to use and it integrates with almost every email platform – including Mailchimp, ConvertKit and Mailerlite!

So… Now that you know how awesome creating a quiz can be for growing your email list, are you ready to try Interact out for FREE?! Interact makes it really simple to set up a free account. You can do so by clicking HERE.

And when you’re ready to upgrade to include lead generation, they offer a variety of affordable pricing plans based on your business needs.

Now, are you ready to create your first quiz that will engage your audience and drive sales (as well as grow your list)? Then click HERE to get signed up.

Oh, and if you want to take my quiz, you can do so below!


Interact Quizzes | How to Uniquely Grow Your Email List | Madison Fichtl | Madison-fichtl.com

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  1. I had no idea that quiz was something you could get on Interact! I was trying to create my own quiz on Boombox a while ago, but gave up because I had no idea what questions to ask and what the answers / results should be. This is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing. I’m signing up now!

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