10 Tips to Skyrocket your Productivity

10 tips to skyrocket your productivity | Hiring a Virtual Assistant | Social Media Manager | Virtual Assistant Tips | Finding a VA | Finding a Virtual Assistant

Productivity- a simple word with individual definitions. The idea, meaning and sense of achieving productivity is different for each one of us, yet the basis is the same. In simple words, maximizing one’s time and getting the most of each day is what productivity basically boils down to.

Productivity is different for a creative entrepreneur, a virtual assistant, a housewife or whatever career or role you play in life. The universal fact is that everyone wants to achieve maximum productivity but most are unable to do so. So, why is it that some people are able to achieve the desired productivity while others continue to struggle with it? It’s certain lifestyle choices, practices and habits that enable people to be more productive than others. If you too want to harness the most from each day, follow these 10 tips to skyrocket your productivity:

  1. Set weekly goals

Most of us are goal oriented, we love chasing goals and the feeling of achieving them is unmatched. But, we can’t chase them unless we first set them. Get into the habit of setting weekly goals. You can break it down further by setting daily goals and ensuring that by the end of the week you have successfully achieved the goal you had set. This will give the motivation to keep pushing forward while still helping you focus on the most important tasks that need to be accomplished.

  1. Prioritizing tasks

Creating a ‘to-do’ list is great but it’s important to be able to prioritize that list. Always focus on getting through the most important tasks first and then work on accomplishing the less time-sensitive tasks. You have more energy at the beginning of any task and getting the important things done while you still are moving full speed ahead will always bring in better results.

  1. Delegating tasks

While you may be great at multi-tasking and have the willpower to do everything- don’t! Delegate tasks so that you can focus more on the things you need to do while others can take care of the rest. You don’t have to do everything yourself, there are people around you who can and have the capability to handle it. And in case you want to know more about how to delegate tasks, feel free to read my blog post about hiring a Virtual Assistant here.

  1. De-cluttering your workspace

You cannot be mentally organized unless your workspace is organized. Working around a mess will always hamper your productivity and the environment of chaos will come into your way of working. Organize, clean and arrange your workspace in order to create a serious and effective place for you to accomplish that to-do list and conquer those dreams!

  1. Scheduling in advance

Last minute panic and chaos will never lead to productivity. Get into the habit of scheduling everything well in advance so you know what’s in store for you even before you begin. Scheduling your work day in advance will help you prepare for what is to come and you will know exactly what needs to be done so you can begin completing tasks as soon as you start working. I recommend using Asana to track any tasks that you have. It works great for individuals and even better for teams! Check it out here.

  1. Batching tasks

Certain tasks can be combined so that you can accomplish more in one sitting. Blog posts are a great example. By planning ahead and batching a set of a few blog posts it will save you time. How you might ask? Think about all the time you spend opening each program or software you need each time you publish a blog post. Maybe you have to open WordPress, Trello, and your Social Media sites. It may only take you 5 minutes to get everything up and running but if you write 5 blog posts that’s 25 minutes of time you are wasting instead of just 5 when you batch post.

  1. Planning your week on paper

It may seem like a silly thought, but physically writing down what you need to do can help your brain process. I know when I am able to write something down, I can let it go and not worry about remembering it or trying to think about it when I should be focusing on other tasks.

  1. Stay calm and composed

Your mental attitude plays a vital role in your productivity. If you are stressed, anxious or in a hurry, you will not be able to achieve anything. Stay calm and composed and work through your lists and you will be surprised by how much easier it gets.

  1. Prepare for the day

If you work from home, make sure that even though you may not leave the house during the day, to get up and get ready. Change out of your pajamas, take a shower, even put on some makeup. Doing things like this will help get your day started on the right foot while making you feel more awake and prepared to take on your tasks.

  1. Take time out!

The last but probably the most important tip is to take a break. Between tasks, after tasks or whenever you feel like it’s getting too much- take a break, re-energize and get back with renewed will! I love being able to get outside with Charlie, my dog, and take him for a walk around the park. When I come back to my desk I feel relaxed and ready to conquer my to-do list!

I swear by these 10 Tips to Skyrocket your Productivity. Have another tip that you use? I would love for you to share it below!

10 tips to skyrocket your productivity | Hiring a Virtual Assistant | Social Media Manager | Virtual Assistant Tips | Finding a VA | Finding a Virtual Assistant

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