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Every year my Mom’s side of the family gets together to celebrate Christmas. It is really the only time of year when we all get to see each other because we have such a huge extended family. For the past couple of years, I wasn’t able to attend because it is typically a few weeks before the holidays and I never was back in time for it. This year, however, I was super excited to get to go!

Santa always makes an appearance for the kids and the adults do a gift exchange. Each year, the gift exchange has a fun theme. The theme this year was Made in America. I figured that it would be super easy to find a gift for that so of course, I waited until the last possible moment to find mine.

My sister and I strolled through Target for about 2 hours (not a difficult task when you are going through those glorious aisles.) Everything that we thought would make the perfect gift – was made anywhere but the USA. While I knew that many products were made overseas, I didn’t realize that we literally could not find anything Made in America (well, besides Pyrex but who wants to get Tupperware as a gift?)

Have we really come to the point in our society when all of our companies are outsourcing? I did find it really amusing that some products tried to pass themselves off as “Made in America” by saying things like “Designed in America” (I am looking at you, Swell).

After living in Germany for about three years, I know that Germans take their products really seriously. Anything with the stamp of “Made in Germany” is well regarded as a great product. When did the US get away from that? Or have we just always been this way and no one has taken notice?

As a small business owner myself, I always look to support local companies – even if that means I have to pay a premium. If you are with me on that and you are trying to find gifts that are made within the US, I have compiled a list for you! Trust me, it wasn’t easy coming up with ideas or finding products from this list but with the help of Amazon, I did find a few.

Check out the list below and then let me know where you like to shop for local Made in America products!

*This post does contain Affiliate links, if you make a purchase through the links then I make a small commission. Thanks in advance for supporting me!* 


Godiva Chocolate

Michael Stars Clothing and Accessories 

Victoria’s Secret Lotion

The Frye Company 


Liberty Bottleworks 

Duluth Pack 

360 Cookware  

Know of any other great products that are Made in America? Drop them in the comments below!

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