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First off, let’s start by going over what Pinterest is for those who might not know. Pinterest is a platform where people can save images they like (called “pins”/ “pinning”). These images are saved to “boards” where you can, later on, see the photos you saved. Pinterest is a great resource for everyone. From crafters and engineers to business owners, there is a use for every niche. While Pinterest is great for finding and saving pictures, it is a great tool to use for business. If you are a blogger, entrepreneur or business owner, Pinterest business profiles are a game changer. This is why Pinterest business profiles are important:

1. Increases Traffic

Pinterest is great for increasing traffic to your blog or website. If you ask a majority of bloggers that are active on Pinterest (in the right way), they will say the main source of traffic comes from this platform because of the visualization and personalization- something that is incredibly important to marketing in general.

Viewers have the opportunity to see your pinned photos and make a personal connection with them, so make sure they’re high quality!

2. Boosts SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Really, it’s a fancy way of saying how much the internet likes your website/ business. The more SEO, the better Google likes you. And Pinterest is all about SEO.

In fact, it’s considered more of a search engine and less of a social media platform. And when your site has a high SEO, viewers and potential customers have a higher chance of coming across your services and working with you. Pinterest uses something called keywords which Google loves. The better yours are (make sure they are appropriate for your business) the higher chance that you will become more searchable.

3. It is a Great Investment

Unlike many other social media platforms, Pinterest Pins have a really long life. This means that even though you might have pinned something months or even years ago, it can still be seen today.

In fact, many pins even get better with time (just like wine and I love wine!) So investing time and resources into Pinterest is a smart investment because it will continue to serve you well into the future!

My absolute FAVORITE TOOL for Pinterest is Tailwind! Check out more about Tailwind here! 

4. Branding

Pinterest is perfect for the development of any business. This platform is accessible to anyone and everyone who has the app or visits the website. This increases the opportunity for your business/ products to be seen and purchased.

The company released a statement saying “active Pinners have a 9% higher average income than non-users, according to Ahalogy”. Regardless of the products or services offered, “9%” of Pinterest users have the income and are more likely to invest in themselves and your business.

5. Networking

It is also a great resource to use for connecting with people. There are groups to join that tailor around various goals- such as: boosting your blog, increasing sales, etc. Plus, the naturalization of people commenting on your pins is helpful.

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Now that you know 5 reasons why having a business account is so important, it’s time to make one. Let’s get started- click here to set up your Pinterest Business Account! It is really easy to get set up and it is 100% FREE. Awesome right?!

And if you decide you just don’t have the time or energy to run another social media platform- you are in the right place! Contact me here today and allow me to help you conquer your social media!

Pinterest Help | Pinterest for Business | Social Media Marketing | Madison Fichtl

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